Sunday, April 22, 2012

The defendant will please rise . . .

Tomorrow, I will be undergoing my first thesis defense.  I have written an undergraduate honors thesis.  Many departments do not require undergraduates to defend their honors theses; the history department does.  Facetiously, Dr. Francis, my mentoring professor and the department chair, and chair of my thesis committee, told the department secretary to reserve the conference room for "Karen Rhodes's interrogation."  I told him to be sure to bring rubber hoses.

To say I am a little nervous would be the truth.  I'm not sure what to expect, beyond that I had better doggone well be familiar with what I have written!  As to that, I just did a complete read-through (and caught a few typos) just to have it a little more fresh in memory.  Memory's a tricky thing to a 65-year-old undergrad!

After the experience tomorrow, I will blog about what it was like.

As soon as I recover from the blows of the rubber hoses!

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