Saturday, April 21, 2012

Caught in the Tide of Events

Many times during my most recent academic adventures, I have felt like I am caught in the riptide of events, powerless to struggle free, swept to my destiny. 

The tide just came in once again, and grabbed me.

One of my chief concerns about the decision of whether to stay at UNF for my master's in history or follow my mentoring professor down to the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg (USFSP) has been where I would live.  We do not have a great deal of money for living expenses.

We have a friend who lives in Pinellas Park, but I was not sure how to approach her.  I don't like to seem like I'm begging (which is my own flaw, not hers).  And I had no idea what sort of space she might have.

I need not have worried.  Today, about three or four hours ago, I sent an e-mail to another friend who lives in Lake Wales.  She is friends with the one in Pinellas Park (she introduced me to her).  Tonight I got a phone call from the friend in Pinellas Park.  She has a two-bedroom house and is looking for a roommate.  So we're going to work out the particulars.

I guess I'll be doing my master's at USFSP.  I like the interdisciplinary nature of the Florida Studies program.  It will allow me flexibility to explore topics I would not be able to explore at UNF.  Apparently the History Department at USFSP is stronger than that at UNF.  Unfortunately, UNF is having some problems in that area right now.

Now I need to go print out the admission requirements and get to work meeting them.

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